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Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood Replica at IoM TT June 3rd 2007 - Photograph by Paul Mercer

An introduction to Classic Italian Motorcycles is for enthusiasts and owners of Classic Italian Motorcycles to share photographs and stories with other enthusiasts...

This website is not intended to be a technical website...

There are many excellent Owners' Club websites if you need technical assistance.

The site is intended to be a mixture of your photographs and nostalgic stories where the connection is your motorcycle.

...but I can't build this website without YOUR help, so please send me your photographs and consider writing a story featuring your motorcycle.

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What determines whether or not a motorcycle is a classic?

An old motorcycle with a special history is usually considered to be a classic. However, it is not always just history or age. Some motorcycles seem to become instant classics...

...and if it is not the history of the motorcycle that makes it a classic, it is usually some special feature which leads people to think of a motorcycle as a classic. I believe that all motorcycles have the potential of one day becoming a classic... even if your motorcycle is still relatively new, please consider submitting your photographs and articles.

To see other readers' motorcycles, and for further details on how to show your motorcycle on this website, please visit the "Your Classic" Page.

If you would like to write a feature on the history of any Classic Italian Motorcycle manufacturer, I would be happy to publish this for you and, of course, credit you with the work.

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